NASGEm North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics

"Employing an ethnomathematics pedagogy provides flexibility and versatility to the mathematical universals based on perspectives derivative of culture and experiences." -- Adriana Moreno Magallanes

Papers presented at NCSM 04

2004 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics – Proceedings of the Ethnomathematics Strand

Frederick L. Silverman, Ed.D. Tod L Shockey, Ph.D.
University of Northern Colorado University of Maine
Singing Blocks, Talking Shapes, and Dancing Numbers:  Mathematical Connections for our Native American Students Jim Barta – Utah State University 
Math in Tlingit Art: A Culture-Based Technology and Mathematics Project for K-12 Classrooms in Southeast Alaska Claudette Engblom-Bradley – University of Alaska Anchorage
Math in the City:  Connecting Mathematics and Culture Irene M. Duranczyk – University of Minnesota
Barbara Leapard; Joanne Caniglia; Elaine Richards – Eastern Michigan University
The Case for Rich Contexts in Ethnomathematics Lessons Susan Staats – University of Minnesota
Teaching Mathematics Concepts Using a Multicultural Approach Frederick L. Uy, California State University – Los Angeles
Integrating Mathematics of Worldwide Cultures into K-12 Education Terry Herrera and Judy Spicer, ENC
Culturally Based Math Education as a Way to Improve Alaska Native Students' Math Performance Jerry Lipka University -- University of Alaska Fairbanks
Barbara Adams -- University of Alaska Fairbanks