NASGEm North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics

"Employing an ethnomathematics pedagogy provides flexibility and versatility to the mathematical universals based on perspectives derivative of culture and experiences." -- Adriana Moreno Magallanes

Journal of Mathematics and Culture Volume 6 Number 1 Focus Issue ICEM4



                      From the editor

                      Tod Shockey



                      Lawrence Shirley, ICEM 4 Organizer


                      Editorial Panel


An Ethnomathematics View of Space Occupation and Urban Culture, plenary address

Ubiratan D'Ambrosio


Papua New Guinea Indigenous Knowledges about Mathematical Concepts, plenary address

Kay Owens


Policy and Practices: Indigenous Voices in Education, plenary address

Kay Owens


Weaving Mathematics and Culture: Mutual Interrogation as a Methodological Approach

Noor Aishikin Adam


Etnomatematicas y Pintaderas Canarias

Jose Juan Bolanos


La Etnomatematica Subyacente en los Textiles

Alberto Castagnolo


Elementos Geometricos del Pueblo Originario Mapuche

Patricia Elena Ceballos Pimental


Constructs of Integrated Multicultural Instructional Design for Undergraduate Mathematics Thinking Courses for Nonmathematics Majors

Irene M. Duranczyk and Jeanne L. Higbee


From "What Ought" to "What Is" Infusion of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Perspectives in Mathematics: First Steps on a Journey in High School Mathematics

Ken Ealey and Christine Henzel

Ethnomathematics in a European Context: Towards an Enriched Meaning of Ethnomathematics

Karen Francois


Matematicas, Culturas y Formacion de Profesores en Costa Rica

M. E. Gavarrete and m. L. Oliveras


Pacific Ethnomathematics: The Richness of Environment and Practice

Nicholas J. Goetzfridt


Conocimentos Matematicos de la Mesoamerica Precolombina

Ing. Alejandro Jaen Rojas


Aprendiendo Geometria en Ambientes Interculturales; El Caso de Escolares Criollos Y Tejedores Warao (Venezuela)

Carmen Teresa Longart Pinto


Una Experiencia de Capacitacion en Etnomatematica, en Docentes Indigenas Venezolanos

Oswaldo Jesus Martinez Padron


The Role of Mathematics within Ethnomathematical Descriptions

Roger Miarka


Bus Conductors' Use of Mental Computatcion in Everyday Settings -- Is it Their Ethnomathematics?

Nirmala Naresh


Artisticas Geometricas

Ruperto Rodrigo Pizarro Leyton

Ethnomathematics and Multi-Cultural Education: Analysis and Construciton of Geometric Ornaments

Khayriah Massarwe, Igor Verner and Daoud Bshouty


Conocimientos y Saberes Matematics en la Cultura Maya

Domingo Yojcom Rocche