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"Employing an ethnomathematics pedagogy provides flexibility and versatility to the mathematical universals based on perspectives derivative of culture and experiences." -- Adriana Moreno Magallanes

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Journal of Mathematics and Culture - Volume 4 Number 1

A case study of the role of ethnomathematicsMathematics and the Dan CultureRe-membering Mathematics
The role of Language in Ethnomathematics


           From the Editors

           Rick Silverman & Tod Shockey



Compassion: A Hearts-on Paradigm for Transiting Native American Students into a STEM University Environment

Ed Galindo, Lavern Broncho, Sr, Ernest Keeley, Richard Inouye, Susan Galindo, Vern Winston, Larry Farrell & Joseph Cook


The Mathematics of the Hnähnu: The Otomies

Thomas E. Gilsdorf


Maguey Elders, Mayan Mathematics, and the Weaving of Resistance in Maguey Bag Production

Faviana Phoebe Hirsch-Dubin


Native American Dice Games and Discrete Probability

James V. Rauff


Culturally Relevant Word Problems in Second Grade: What are the effects?

Julie Herron & Jim Barta


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