NASGEm North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics

"Employing an ethnomathematics pedagogy provides flexibility and versatility to the mathematical universals based on perspectives derivative of culture and experiences." -- Adriana Moreno Magallanes

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In addition to this NASGEM site, the following sites have information that may be of value. Information from these sites have been found to be useful but there is no endorsement of any of them.  Please use careful judgment when using information from any Internet site.

  1. Native American Geometry
     Developed by archaeologist/educator Chris Hardaker of Window Rock, AZ, this site draws upon the art and architecture of Native Americans to teach math to ...

    Native American Complexity

    Computation, Complexity and Coding in Native American Knowledge Systems." in Judith Hankes and Gerald Fast (ed) Changing the Faces of Mathematics: ...


    Ethnomathematics on the Web                                            Culturally Situated Design Tools  (Native American and other simulations)

    An Introduction to Ethnomathematics

    Ethnomathematics Digital Library

     International Study Group on Ethnomathematics

    American Indian Science and Engineering Society

    TODOS: Mathematics for ALL.

    Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science

    Center for Research in Education, Diversity & Excellence (CREDE)

    National Indian School Board Association

    Potawatomi Language and Virtual Museum

    National Museum of the American Indian

    American Indian Contributions to the World, by Emory Dean Keoke and Kay Marie Porterfield. New York:  Facts on File, 2003.

    Towards a Navajo Geometry.  Pinxten, R., Soberon, E., & van Dooren,I.(1987).Gent: KKI Publishers.

    American Indian Mathematics Traditions and Contributions by Chris R. Landon

     Native American Mathematics (Paperback) by Michael P. Closs

    THE HEXAGON, THE SOLSTICE AND THE KIVA by Chris Hardaker (pdf)

    Ancient astronomy: an encyclopedia of cosmologies and myth By Clive L. N. Ruggles 

    Creating a Sacred Place for Students in Math  NationalIndianSchoolBoards Association 

    Hannahville Indian School Math Wall 

    Abenaki Dictionary  

    Cherokee Dictionary

    Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary 

    Indian Land Tenure Curriculum    Lessons of Our Land