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"Employing an ethnomathematics pedagogy provides flexibility and versatility to the mathematical universals based on perspectives derivative of culture and experiences." -- Adriana Moreno Magallanes

Educators of Native American Students

Educators of Native American Students (EONAS) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of TODOS-Mathematics for All, an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  EONAS, at each NCTM Annual Meeting since 2005, has been featured in at least one session and hosted a separate meeting to discuss issues of importance to those in American Indian education.  Those issues include the underrepresentation of American Indians in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, and underperformance of American Indian students on mathematics and science assessments.  Because of the importance of including cultural based lessons in the curriculum for Native American Students, this site is part of the site for the North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics (NASGEm) and you are encouraged to look at the information in those newsletters and journals.

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EONAS News -  As the New Year is underway, here is a reminder of the six goals which define the purpose of EONAS:

  1. Advancing educators of Native American student's knowledge of and ability to implement an equitable, rigorous and coherent mathematics program for these students

  2. Generating and disseminating knowledge about these programs to all stakeholders

  3. Incorporating language and culture into mathematics curriculum for Native Americans.

  4. Developing and supporting educational leaders to continuously carry out the mission of EONAS.

  5. Informing Native American families and the public about educational policies and strategies that enable Native American children to become mathematically proficient

  6. Influencing educational policies in ways that enhance this proficiency in Native American student's in order to enhance college and career readiness.

To that end, we first encourage all members to renew their membership in TODOS and EONAS and to encourage colleagues to also join, using the link

If you are willing to help with any of the activities of EONAS, including work on the website, manning a booth at a conference, or getting EONAS news out in any media. We will also have elections along with TODOS elections and will be looking for people to serve.

You can help with most of these goals by presenting at local, state, regional, and national conferences.  This has been done by several members for the NCTM regional and the Lakota Nations Educational Conference.  We will also have one or more sessions at the North Dakota STEM conference.  In January, the TODOS Live webcast featured EONAS  Secretary/Treasurer - Florence Glanfield, associate professor of mathematics education, and member-Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, "Weaving Indigenous Perspectives & Mathematics: Landscape of Success for ALL Learners."  This is the time of year to send in proposals for many organizations. Please let us know of any sessions you have.

You can also help by developing lessons Incorporating language and culture into mathematics curriculum for Native Americans.  Let us know about these lessons so they may be posted or linked to this website

Jim Barta, EONAS director, along with several other EONAS, TODOS, and NASGEm members, produced the NCTM published volume, Math is a Verb.  The chapters include information from tribes and other groups.

New Course Announcement: Mathematics & Culture

Sample  Native Culture Based Lessons

In addition to the NASGEM site on Native American Mathematics, the following links have information that may be of value. Information from these sites have been found to be useful but there is no endorsement of any of them.  Please use careful judgment when using information from any Internet site.

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